Bosque Revitalization @ Route 66

 Albuquerque, New Mexico

The purpose of the Bosque Revitalization project is to restore a more naturally functioning Bosque Ecosystem. 


Stoven furnished all labor, equipment and materials necessary for the removal of 1,100 jetty jacks, old bridges, debris and exotic vegetation including fuel wood reduction.  Stoven constructed approximately 3,300 feet of earth lined high flow channels with stoned lined high points and inlets/outlets to the Rio Grande.  A 24” x 36” extension to the existing box culvert was constructed along with a F40 flap gate.  Stoven also installed approximately 700 square feet of articulated block lining on the drainage channel banks. 

Wetland habitat swales were constructed for approximated 35,000 native tree saplings and plants. 


Also included in this project were recreation and interpretive education features, including the construction and installation of soft surface and crusher fine trails, benches, a raised boardwalk and an observation deck, and several pedestrian bridges.

Kelly Hall Addition at New Mexico Tech

Socorro, New Mexico

Addition to the existing Kelly Hall

Gila Regional Medical Center's Emergency Medical Services Building

Silver City, New Mexico

Construction of a 1-story frame and stucco office-type facility on a concrete slab, plus construct a prefabricated metal garage on a concrete slab.  Both include full HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and communication systems.

 Grants Animial Shelter

Grants, New Mexico 

Scope of Work: Construction of the Grants Animal Shelter to include - site preparation, site utilites, asphalt paving, concrete foundations, structural steel, conrete masonry, steel stud framing, single ply roofing, pre-finished metal roofing, aluminum storefront, mechanical, electrical, gypsum board, ceramic tile, carpet, paint, acoustical ceilings, casework and kennels.

Westside Fire Station

Gallup, New Mexico

Project Summary:  Construct a wood frame and steel building of approximately 5,983 square feet to serve as a fire station.

Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle Research Laboratory

Padre Island National Seashore, TX, National Park Service
Scope of work: Construction of two buildings. One building houses dispatch, offices, research and support facilities; one houses the incubation lab. Both structures included concrete foundations, slab on grade, wood framed walls, roof trusses, fiber cement siding, gypsum interior walls, ceramic tile, aluminum clad windows, hurricane rated fiberglass exterior doors and frames and aluminum handrails. Along with a VAV forced air system, fire alarm, and electrical. Both buildings were fully sprinkled. Specialized aspects of the construction included hurricane resistant and corrosion resistant features, as well as construction of the incubation building without using ferrous metals (all metals in this building were required to be stainless steel).

Building Improvements to the Raton Public Schools

Raton, NM
Scope of work: The improvements to the Raton Public Schools included work at the high school, middle school and three elementary schools. Work at the high school consisted of installation of new AC units in computer class rooms, installation of new VCT flooring at the cafeteria, installation of a new sewer line, removal of concrete sidewalks, installation of new sidewalks with electric snow melt mats, installation of two concrete swales of drainage. The work at the Middle School consisted of installation of new concrete drainage swale, removal of existing concrete sidewalks, and installation of new concrete sidewalks with electric snow melt mats. The work at Columbia Elementary consisted of removal of existing concrete steps, installation of new concrete steps to meet code, installation of new snow melt mats, installation of new dry well. The work at Kearny Elementary consisted of the installation of new drainage system at the playground, installation of snow melt mats, installation of new steel handrails and site grading. Work at Longfellow Elementary consisted of installation of snow melt mats, installation of new concrete sidewalks and drainage swale.

Renovation and Remodeling of Residences 1, 2, and 3

White Sands National Monument, National Park Service
Scope of work: Remodel of three historic residences for the National Park Service. Project included the removal of all roofs, corrections of roof structures, re-roofing, channeling of adobe walls, installation of new plumbing, electrical and HVAC, removal of wood floor structures, installation of new concrete slabs, asbestos removal, installation of new cabinets and counter tops, installation of new carpet, resilient flooring and ceramic tile, painting, fabrication of wood doors to match historic doors, stucco and interior plaster.

Building Improvements to Maxwell Municipal Schools

Maxwell, NM
Scope of work: Improvements to the Maxwell Elementary School, Middle School and High School were completed under this contract. Including removal and replacement of existing doors, frame and hardware, installation of new science lab equipment, installation of new VCT flooring throughout the high school, installation of new electrical service to the high school, installation of new furnaces at the Elementary, installation of concrete drainage swales, installation of two dry wells at both the middle school and high school.

Cimarron Senior Citizens Center

Cimmaron, NM
Scope of work: Construction of a new 4155 SF Seniors Citizens Center. Project included all earthwork, auger cast piles, dewatering, concrete grade beams, wood framed floor structure, wood framed walls, wood truss roof, metal siding and roofing, batt insulation, drywall, paint, quarry tile, VCT, carpet, exterior concrete paving, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire alarm.

49th Contracting Squadron

Holloman Air Force Base, NM
Scope of work: Work included installation of 4,50 LF of 7' chain link fence, gates, 29,040 LF of three strand barbed wire fence and installation of over 440 tee posts. The project required working in areas where vehicles were not allowed, due to endangered species.

Renovate Airborne Laser Building 20200 South Wing

Kirtland Air Force Base, 377th Contracting Squadron
Scope of work: Project consisted of the demolition of the existing first floor interior, removal of existing floor finishes, partition walls, ceilings, asbestos abatement, metal stud framing, insulation, drywall, tape, texture, paint, carpet, security frames/doors and hardware, installation of new acoustical ceilings, ceramic tile, HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression, electrical systems.

6l Paso Energy, Raton, LLC

6,900SF of New Office, Raton, NM
Scope of work to include: All infrastructure work including site utilities, earthwork, grading drainage, site concrete, building concrete, landscaping, pre-engineered metal building, insulation, caulking/sealants, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, casework/millwork, doors, frames, finish hardware, windows, glass/glazing, metal studs, drywall, tape/bed/texture, quarry tile, resilient flooring, carpet, acoustical ceilings, painting, specialties, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection

Safety of Dams, Modification of Avalon Dam

Carlsbad, NM
Scope of work to include: Mobilization, preparatory work, quarry hauling, placing of boulders, rip rap, and placement of sloped concrete to existing dam structure. Work to include re-vegetation, maintaining existing roads, traffic control, layout/survey, and cleanup/demobilization.

Bandelier National Monument

Re-roof and Re-stucco Buildings #2, 9, 23, 24, 28, and 29
Scope of work to include: Demolition and removal of existing ballast roof systems, prep and re-lath parapet walls, new ballast roof system, new three-coat stucco system, coordination of temporary interior and exterior protection, and traffic control.

Renovation of Building 20203B

Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM
Scope of work to include: Interior renovation to the first floor including demolition, prep/patch walls, doors, frames, hardware, painting, casework, carpet, base, minor floor prep, acoustical ceiling, and electrical.

Raton Public Schools

Interior Remodel for Kearny and Columbia Elementary Schools, Raton, NM
Scope of work to include: Complete interior remodel for two elementary schools including demolition, abatement, concrete, insulation, hollow metal, wood doors, hardware, metal studs, drywall, millwork/casework, flooring, acoustical ceilings, painting, specialties, athletic equipment, gymnasium flooring, mechanical, fire alarm, and electrical.

Old Santa Fe Trail Building

National Park Service
Scope of work to include: Complete electrical upgrade of existing electrical to meet all current code requirements, all electrical demolition of existing fixtures, equipment, and voice/data, all wall channeling for preparation of new raceways for electrical and mechanical piping, all associated general construction consisting of temporary protection, core drilling, channeling and patching, and painting.

New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department, District 4

Raton Patrol Yard, New Construction of 5,100 sf Patrol Yard Building

Scope of work to include: All infrastructure work including site utilities, grading, drainage, earthwork, over excavation, post-tension slab, site concrete.

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Rio Rancho, NM

New construction of a 4,600SF pre-school and sanctuary building
Scope of work to include: All infrastructure work including site utilities, grading, drainage, earthwork, drainage canals, retention ponds, rip rap, inlets, asphalt paving, building and site concrete, landscaping, rough carpentry, structural framing, finish carpentry, casework/millwork, insulation, roofing, caulking/sealants, skylights, doors, frames, finish hardware, windows, glass/glazing, interior wood framing, drywall, tape/bed/texture, stucco, acoustical ceilings, resilient flooring, carpet, painting, specialties, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, re-vegetation, and fire alarm.