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Com­pleted Projects

Bosque Revi­tal­iza­tion @ Route 66

Albu­querque, New Mexico

The pur­pose of the Bosque Revi­tal­iza­tion project is to restore a more nat­u­rally func­tion­ing Bosque Ecosys­tem.

Stoven fur­nished all labor, equip­ment and mate­ri­als nec­es­sary for the removal of 1,100 jetty jacks, old bridges, debris and exotic veg­e­ta­tion includ­ing fuel wood reduc­tion. Stoven con­structed approx­i­mately 3,300 feet of earth lined high flow chan­nels with stoned lined high points and inlets/​outlets to the Rio Grande. A 24” x 36” exten­sion to the exist­ing box cul­vert was con­structed along with a F40 flap gate. Stoven also installed approx­i­mately 700 square feet of artic­u­lated block lin­ing on the drainage chan­nel banks.

Wet­land habi­tat swales were con­structed for approx­i­mated 35,000 native tree saplings and plants.

Also included in this project were recre­ation and inter­pre­tive edu­ca­tion fea­tures, includ­ing the con­struc­tion and instal­la­tion of soft sur­face and crusher fine trails, benches, a raised board­walk and an obser­va­tion deck, and sev­eral pedes­trian bridges.

Kelly Hall Addi­tion at New Mex­ico Tech

Socorro, New Mexico

Addi­tion to the exist­ing Kelly Hall

Gila Regional Med­ical Center’s Emer­gency Med­ical Ser­vices Building

Sil­ver City, New Mexico

Con­struc­tion of a 1-​story frame and stucco office-​type facil­ity on a con­crete slab, plus con­struct a pre­fab­ri­cated metal garage on a con­crete slab. Both include full HVAC, plumb­ing, elec­tri­cal, and com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems.

Grants Ani­mial Shelter

Grants, New Mexico

Scope of Work: Con­struc­tion of the Grants Ani­mal Shel­ter to include — site prepa­ra­tion, site utilites, asphalt paving, con­crete foun­da­tions, struc­tural steel, con­rete masonry, steel stud fram­ing, sin­gle ply roof­ing, pre-​finished metal roof­ing, alu­minum store­front, mechan­i­cal, elec­tri­cal, gyp­sum board, ceramic tile, car­pet, paint, acousti­cal ceil­ings, case­work and ken­nels.

West­side Fire Station

Gallup, New Mexico

Project Sum­mary: Con­struct a wood frame and steel build­ing of approx­i­mately 5,983 square feet to serve as a fire sta­tion.

Kemps Rid­ley Sea Tur­tle Research Laboratory

Padre Island National Seashore, TX, National Park Ser­vice
Scope of work: Con­struc­tion of two build­ings. One build­ing houses dis­patch, offices, research and sup­port facil­i­ties; one houses the incu­ba­tion lab. Both struc­tures included con­crete foun­da­tions, slab on grade, wood framed walls, roof trusses, fiber cement sid­ing, gyp­sum inte­rior walls, ceramic tile, alu­minum clad win­dows, hur­ri­cane rated fiber­glass exte­rior doors and frames and alu­minum handrails. Along with a VAV forced air sys­tem, fire alarm, and elec­tri­cal. Both build­ings were fully sprin­kled. Spe­cial­ized aspects of the con­struc­tion included hur­ri­cane resis­tant and cor­ro­sion resis­tant fea­tures, as well as con­struc­tion of the incu­ba­tion build­ing with­out using fer­rous met­als (all met­als in this build­ing were required to be stain­less steel).

Build­ing Improve­ments to the Raton Pub­lic Schools

Raton, NM
Scope of work: The improve­ments to the Raton Pub­lic Schools included work at the high school, mid­dle school and three ele­men­tary schools. Work at the high school con­sisted of instal­la­tion of new AC units in com­puter class rooms, instal­la­tion of new VCT floor­ing at the cafe­te­ria, instal­la­tion of a new sewer line, removal of con­crete side­walks, instal­la­tion of new side­walks with elec­tric snow melt mats, instal­la­tion of two con­crete swales of drainage. The work at the Mid­dle School con­sisted of instal­la­tion of new con­crete drainage swale, removal of exist­ing con­crete side­walks, and instal­la­tion of new con­crete side­walks with elec­tric snow melt mats. The work at Colum­bia Ele­men­tary con­sisted of removal of exist­ing con­crete steps, instal­la­tion of new con­crete steps to meet code, instal­la­tion of new snow melt mats, instal­la­tion of new dry well. The work at Kearny Ele­men­tary con­sisted of the instal­la­tion of new drainage sys­tem at the play­ground, instal­la­tion of snow melt mats, instal­la­tion of new steel handrails and site grad­ing. Work at Longfel­low Ele­men­tary con­sisted of instal­la­tion of snow melt mats, instal­la­tion of new con­crete side­walks and drainage swale.

Ren­o­va­tion and Remod­el­ing of Res­i­dences 1, 2, and 3

White Sands National Mon­u­ment, National Park Ser­vice
Scope of work: Remodel of three his­toric res­i­dences for the National Park Ser­vice. Project included the removal of all roofs, cor­rec­tions of roof struc­tures, re-​roofing, chan­nel­ing of adobe walls, instal­la­tion of new plumb­ing, elec­tri­cal and HVAC, removal of wood floor struc­tures, instal­la­tion of new con­crete slabs, asbestos removal, instal­la­tion of new cab­i­nets and counter tops, instal­la­tion of new car­pet, resilient floor­ing and ceramic tile, paint­ing, fab­ri­ca­tion of wood doors to match his­toric doors, stucco and inte­rior plas­ter.

Build­ing Improve­ments to Maxwell Munic­i­pal Schools

Maxwell, NM
Scope of work: Improve­ments to the Maxwell Ele­men­tary School, Mid­dle School and High School were com­pleted under this con­tract. Includ­ing removal and replace­ment of exist­ing doors, frame and hard­ware, instal­la­tion of new sci­ence lab equip­ment, instal­la­tion of new VCT floor­ing through­out the high school, instal­la­tion of new elec­tri­cal ser­vice to the high school, instal­la­tion of new fur­naces at the Ele­men­tary, instal­la­tion of con­crete drainage swales, instal­la­tion of two dry wells at both the mid­dle school and high school.

Cimar­ron Senior Cit­i­zens Center

Cim­maron, NM
Scope of work: Con­struc­tion of a new 4155 SF Seniors Cit­i­zens Cen­ter. Project included all earth­work, auger cast piles, dewa­ter­ing, con­crete grade beams, wood framed floor struc­ture, wood framed walls, wood truss roof, metal sid­ing and roof­ing, batt insu­la­tion, dry­wall, paint, quarry tile, VCT, car­pet, exte­rior con­crete paving, HVAC, plumb­ing, elec­tri­cal and fire alarm.

49th Con­tract­ing Squadron

Hol­lo­man Air Force Base, NM
Scope of work: Work included instal­la­tion of 4,50 LF of 7′ chain link fence, gates, 29,040 LF of three strand barbed wire fence and instal­la­tion of over 440 tee posts. The project required work­ing in areas where vehi­cles were not allowed, due to endan­gered species.

Ren­o­vate Air­borne Laser Build­ing 20200 South Wing

Kirt­land Air Force Base, 377th Con­tract­ing Squadron
Scope of work: Project con­sisted of the demo­li­tion of the exist­ing first floor inte­rior, removal of exist­ing floor fin­ishes, par­ti­tion walls, ceil­ings, asbestos abate­ment, metal stud fram­ing, insu­la­tion, dry­wall, tape, tex­ture, paint, car­pet, secu­rity frames/​doors and hard­ware, instal­la­tion of new acousti­cal ceil­ings, ceramic tile, HVAC, plumb­ing, fire sup­pres­sion, elec­tri­cal sys­tems.

6l Paso Energy, Raton, LLC

6,900SF of New Office, Raton, NM
Scope of work to include: All infra­struc­ture work includ­ing site util­i­ties, earth­work, grad­ing drainage, site con­crete, build­ing con­crete, land­scap­ing, pre-​engineered metal build­ing, insu­la­tion, caulking/​sealants, rough car­pen­try, fin­ish car­pen­try, casework/​millwork, doors, frames, fin­ish hard­ware, win­dows, glass/​glazing, metal studs, dry­wall, tape/​bed/​texture, quarry tile, resilient floor­ing, car­pet, acousti­cal ceil­ings, paint­ing, spe­cial­ties, elec­tri­cal, mechan­i­cal, and fire pro­tec­tion

Safety of Dams, Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Avalon Dam

Carls­bad, NM
Scope of work to include: Mobi­liza­tion, prepara­tory work, quarry haul­ing, plac­ing of boul­ders, rip rap, and place­ment of sloped con­crete to exist­ing dam struc­ture. Work to include re-​vegetation, main­tain­ing exist­ing roads, traf­fic con­trol, layout/​survey, and cleanup/​demobilization.

Ban­de­lier National Monument

Re-​roof and Re-​stucco Build­ings #2, 9, 23, 24, 28, and 29
Scope of work to include: Demo­li­tion and removal of exist­ing bal­last roof sys­tems, prep and re-​lath para­pet walls, new bal­last roof sys­tem, new three-​coat stucco sys­tem, coor­di­na­tion of tem­po­rary inte­rior and exte­rior pro­tec­tion, and traf­fic con­trol.

Ren­o­va­tion of Build­ing 20203B

Kirt­land AFB, Albu­querque, NM
Scope of work to include: Inte­rior ren­o­va­tion to the first floor includ­ing demo­li­tion, prep/​patch walls, doors, frames, hard­ware, paint­ing, case­work, car­pet, base, minor floor prep, acousti­cal ceil­ing, and elec­tri­cal.

Raton Pub­lic Schools

Inte­rior Remodel for Kearny and Colum­bia Ele­men­tary Schools, Raton, NM
Scope of work to include: Com­plete inte­rior remodel for two ele­men­tary schools includ­ing demo­li­tion, abate­ment, con­crete, insu­la­tion, hol­low metal, wood doors, hard­ware, metal studs, dry­wall, millwork/​casework, floor­ing, acousti­cal ceil­ings, paint­ing, spe­cial­ties, ath­letic equip­ment, gym­na­sium floor­ing, mechan­i­cal, fire alarm, and elec­tri­cal.

Old Santa Fe Trail Building

National Park Ser­vice
Scope of work to include: Com­plete elec­tri­cal upgrade of exist­ing elec­tri­cal to meet all cur­rent code require­ments, all elec­tri­cal demo­li­tion of exist­ing fix­tures, equip­ment, and voice/​data, all wall chan­nel­ing for prepa­ra­tion of new race­ways for elec­tri­cal and mechan­i­cal pip­ing, all asso­ci­ated gen­eral con­struc­tion con­sist­ing of tem­po­rary pro­tec­tion, core drilling, chan­nel­ing and patch­ing, and paint­ing.

New Mex­ico State High­way and Trans­porta­tion Depart­ment, Dis­trict 4

Raton Patrol Yard, New Con­struc­tion of 5,100 sf Patrol Yard Building

Scope of work to include: All infra­struc­ture work includ­ing site util­i­ties, grad­ing, drainage, earth­work, over exca­va­tion, post-​tension slab, site con­crete.

Shep­herd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Rio Ran­cho, NM

New con­struc­tion of a 4,600SF pre-​school and sanc­tu­ary build­ing
Scope of work to include: All infra­struc­ture work includ­ing site util­i­ties, grad­ing, drainage, earth­work, drainage canals, reten­tion ponds, rip rap, inlets, asphalt paving, build­ing and site con­crete, land­scap­ing, rough car­pen­try, struc­tural fram­ing, fin­ish car­pen­try, casework/​millwork, insu­la­tion, roof­ing, caulking/​sealants, sky­lights, doors, frames, fin­ish hard­ware, win­dows, glass/​glazing, inte­rior wood fram­ing, dry­wall, tape/​bed/​texture, stucco, acousti­cal ceil­ings, resilient floor­ing, car­pet, paint­ing, spe­cial­ties, elec­tri­cal, mechan­i­cal, fire pro­tec­tion, re-​vegetation, and fire alarm.