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Bosque Del Apache Levee Load­ing Haul­ing, & Dump­ing of Bor­row Fill Material

Loca­tion: Socorro County, NM

Stoven Con­struc­tion loaded, hauled and dumped approx­i­mately 126,000 tons of Government-​furnished bor­row mate­r­ial from the Valverde bor­row site to the Bosque Del Apache Levee. Stoven coor­di­nated with the Con­tract­ing Officer’s Tech­ni­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tive to ensure that the Gov­ern­ment forces’ spread­ing and grad­ing activ­i­ties can closely fol­low our dump­ing and place­ment oper­a­tions.

We made all nec­es­sary pro­vi­sion for main­tain­ing the flow of pub­lic traf­fic and con­ducted haul­ing oper­a­tions so as to offer the least pos­si­ble obstruc­tion and incon­ve­nience to pub­lic traf­fic. We abided by load restric­tions on high­ways in the vicin­ity of the work that are used for access to the work and pro­vided con­struc­tion flag­man and sig­nage where required.